• High noise reduction
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy to install
  • Preserves view

The WHIS®wall’s advantages

Easy to install

The WHIS®wall requires only a flat and strong foundation, so you can produce 300 meters per day.

Preserves view

Its 1 meter height leaves the view intact for residents, drivers, and train travelers.

High noise reduction

The WHIS®wall reduces noise 7 to 9 dB.

Widely supported by residents

Because of its high reduction and view preservation, the WHIS®wall receives a lot of support from residents.

WHIS®wall: (technical) specifications

  • Standard dimensions: 2980 x 1020 x 1020 mm
  • Reduction frequency range: 400 – 2000 Hz
  • Strength class: C40 / 50
  • Reduction: 7 to 9 dB
  • Weight: ca. 1000 kg / meter
  • Earthing options next to railroads:
    • Diffracting part
      • Weathering steel
      • Aluminum
      • Galvanized
      • Coated
    • Substructure
      • Absorbent concrete
      • Reflective concrete
      • Gabion
      • Stone strips
      • Green image
WHISwall, front and side view

Installing and maintaining the WHIS®wall

  • Mounted with a custom clamp
  • The WHIS®wall requires only a flat and strong foundation
  • You can produce up to 300 meters per day
  • Maintenance: just once a year

Where can you apply the WHIS®wall?

The WHIS®wall is suitable for various kinds of (rail)roads, like


Link roads

Provincial roads

Distributor roads


Want to see diffraction at work? See the video.