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  • Ysbrand Wijnant

    “No one should suffer from the growing demand for mobility.”

    Ysbrand Wijnant
  • Eric de Vries

    “We make it much easier, cheaper, and more durable to meet noise standards.”

    Eric de Vries
  • Rob Groot

    “I think it’s wonderful our noise solutions don’t just work very well, but also have a much lower life cycle cost than alternatives.”

    Rob Groot
  • Bert Jan Danker

    “This is the first time noise reduction has been approached this way, making it very interesting and special to work on.”

    Bert Jan Danker
  • Bart Willems

    “It’s fantastic the way we’re able to offer huge improvements with a seemingly simple method.”

    Bart Willems
    Commercial Director E.
  • Jimte Witkamp

    “Instead of building on existing solutions, we’ve created something completely new. That’s what makes this a really innovative improvement.”

    Jimte Witkamp
    Product development engineer E.
  • Mirco Efkemann
    Mirco Efkemann
    Business Development Engineer E.
  • Raymond Siemons

    “It’s great to solve really complex noise issues in a simple manner with new technology.”

    Raymond Siemons
    Projectmanager Engineering E.
  • Kim Wolthuis
    Kim Wolthuis
    Office Manager & Marketing E.