• Extra reduction in existing situations
  • Lower constructions
  • Cost-effective
  • Widely supported by residents

The WHIS®top’s advantages

Increasing reduction in existing situations

The WHIS®top improves reduction from existing noise barriers without radical measures

Lower constructions

With the WHIS®top, any new noise barrier can be lowered by 2 meters. That means lower noise barriers and lighter construction.


Building lower makes you more cost-effective, with fewer materials, lighter construction, and reduced wind load.

Widely supported by residents

Because of its high reduction and preservation of views, the WHIS®top receives a lot of support from residents.

WHIS®top: (technical) specifications

  • No standard dimensions, custom work
  • Height: 0.20 meter
  • Reduction: 4 to 5dB
  • Weight ca. 40 – 100kg / meter
  • Combine with concrete barrier for crash protection

Installing and maintaining the WHIS®top

  • Mounted onto existing noise barrier
  • Linking barrier and WHIS®top is custom work
  • No changes to existing noise barrier required
WHIStop seen from above and the side

Where can you apply the WHIS®top?

The WHIS®top is suitable for various kinds of (rail)roads, like


Link roads

Provincial roads

Distributor roads


Want to see diffraction at work? See the video.