• Cost-effective noise reduction
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Durable noise reduction

The WHIS®stone’s advantages


The WHIS®stone’s life cycle cost is around 70 percent lower than that of silent asphalt.

Lasting effect

Silent asphalt becomes less effective by 0.5 dB every year, whereas the WHIS®stone maintains the same level of noise reduction, year after year after year.

Easy to install

Applying the WHIS®stone barely affects the building process. 500 meters per day is easily achievable.

Barely any maintenance

The WHIS®stone requires almost no maintenance. Once every two years will suffice.

WHIS®stone: (technical) specifications

  • Dimensions: 1020 x 980 mm
  • Reduction frequency range: 800 – 1200
  • Strength class: C40 / 50
  • Single row reduction: 2.2 dB
  • Double row reduction: 2.6 dB
  • Weight: ca. 400 kg
  • Standard color: grey (more colors available)

Installing and maintaining the WHIS®stone

  • Cutouts have been applied laterally in the element, so you can mount it with a special clamp.
  • Block requires foundation.
  • Production of up to 500 meters per day.
  • Foundation also functions as water storage.

Where can you apply the WHIS®stone?

The WHIS®stone is suitable for various kinds of roads, like


Provincial roads

Distributor roads

Distributor roads

Want to see diffraction at work? See the video.